BY QuamiD

Oct 2020

Taking my son to his first trip home

Went to Ghana with my son. First thing so say is going through the airports (both Heathrow and Kotoko) was difficult with all the luggage. Going back to Ghana is going home so my experience may not be the same as everybody else’s. Travel was either with family or using the local taxis or Uber. When I use the local taxis I either ask a family member how much the fare should be or I get them to speak to the driver. If I didn’t I would defo be paying 10 times the price but that should be expected and just need to prepare to either bargain or get bumped. Uber’s are straightforward in terms of ordering and paying. Food is lovely as always but I personally am careful about where I eat especially travelling with my son as we aren’t used to the bugs out there (we’re used to the ones in the U.K.) so it can be easy to become unwell. I tend to go for places that are recommended (such as Little Havana, Cafe Kwaa, Lord of the Wings or Buka) and I never have ice in my drinks. People are friendly as always and my son did get a lot of attention but that’s cos he’s light skin (lighter than most light skin people in Ghana so unusual out there so obviously draws some attention). Would have been a bonus if I was trying to bag some ladies. My son was just over 1.5 years old so didn’t go to many spots so in terms of activities there’s not much I could add aside from the beach, swimming pools at some of the hotels (Kempinski) Safari Pre-School (with a splash and play centre) in Airport area, Jamboree (has an indoor soft play area) in East Cantonment and Max Mart which also has a soft play area

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BY Ross

Feb 2020

A beautiful land

I went to Ghana last year May. It had been 20+ years since my last visit. I was completely blown away. The airport has recently been refurbished. The weather was amazing. The nightlife was everything. Bloombar become my go to place. I also traveled to Kumasi via local flight. And felt at peace with the simple peaceful countryside.

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BY Charlie Brown

Jan 2020

Music, shisha, booze... and horses lool

Great vibe and energy on that beach. Can get busy so maybe get there in good time to find a good location. There might be a random person asking you for money when you get there. That's normal, they are responsible for cleaning the beach. Drinks are cheap, shisha is good, and music is great. Remember cash is King. Although they do have card machines... you might just have to argue with them to let you use it

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