BY Temniet

Dec 2020

A Trip of A Lifetime - Begging for a Part 2

I went to Egypt for my friend’s wedding! She is from Cairo so I travelled there with a friend from college and our friends from various other countries did the same. Given that our trip was going to be quite ritzy and city-centric as far as activities surrounding the wedding, we prioritized sight seeing for the first few days before roaming the inner city of Cairo more passively, like the locals. The Pyramid tours were great. We stayed at the Marriott Mena for the unreal balcony views of the pyramids. It was great to be so close - one of the best decision we made before switching to the historic Cairo Marriott Hotel, also a sight to behold, and finally the Four Seasons. My recommendation is to find a tour guide for Giza, Saqqarra and the other sites outside of Cairo - if possible, find someone with historian credentials. Our tour guide took us to lunch and even a carpet school to see how Egyptian rugs are made. My number one caution in Egypt is the begging and haggling. Be vigilant. The Egyptian people are wonderful, accommodating, respectful, etc. But even in the kindest way possible, they will try to scam you out of your money. Cairo should be an extremely affordable trip so be very discriminating of anyone offering you any sort of help, even walking directions, because they will follow you until you tip them. This did not ruin my trip by any means. But my Egyptian friend was amused by how many times I overpaid or got “got” simply for not consulting with her or being firm enough in my decline. If it’s at all possible to navigate with a local or native speaker you trust, that is my recommendation as well.

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