BY S.kay

Jun 2019

Dubai needs to be on you’re list

I was looking for a quick get away in June and came across a deal in Dubai located on the plam. The deal was so good I could not resist. Even though it was during Ramadan it did not effect my holiday what so ever. Prepare for the heat: The temperatures in Dubai can skyrocket to 40’c plus so make sure you spend time in the shade. It can get uncomfortable to walk around but taxi’s, hotels and the mall have air conditioning so you will cool down. Ramadan: no alcohol is consumed during Ramadan expect in your hotel bar. And the mall food shops are mostly closed however, there is a food area sectioned off for tourist where they can eat. Make sure you bring a cardigan to cover your shoulders/arms when inside the mall. I would definitely recommend visiting Dubai during Ramadan if the lively nightlife is not you’re thing. It is a lot quieter and also going to things like Waterparks, desert safari etc were less crowded. Atlantis Aquaventure Water park: The water park is out of this world. It is massive and has rides for everyone. Those that don’t like the thrill of water rides can always lay in the lazy pool which is very relaxing. The staff there are friendly and the atmosphere is great. Hotel: I stayed at the Sofitel - the palm hotel and it was amazing. The staff, food and the location was perfect. The hotel had everything you needed and the pool area lead you out onto the beach. It’s about a 5 mins walk away from Atlantis - the palm hotel. There is also a barber shop on the beach just in case the guys fancy sprucing up.