BY Charlie Brown

Feb 2020

Havana Nights..

What a great trip! Accomodation: Airbnb... perfect! Helps Really really really helps if you speak spanish lol Did a bicycle tour, great ideas. Went around the old city and the new city, and the tour guide gives you a great insight into cuba historical. A lot of African history there and you can see the connection in the locals. Looks and religious customs. Go to the beach. Even if you don't really like beaches. GO! Eat the seafood, drink the cheap cheap cheap Havana Club rum and listen to the music and see the beautiful women... people. I mean people. There are 2 Cuba's, one for tourist and one for locals. i recommend asking one of the locals if they aren't busy to show you the best places to go. They'll show you everything you need to know and help you haggle. Make sure you give them a little something for the help. You can actually have a meal for £2 but the staff won't speak english in those places. Yes, the are a lot of working girls and it is very normal there so isn't hidden. You get used to it. Went to Playa Varadero beach. Epic! You might not find much fresh fruit and veg out there but that might change when you travel. The must go to place for art and insanely high volumes of rum in your mojito, Fabrica De Arte Cubano, there was a room playing sensational Jazz, the was another playing more mainstream hip hop etc. Quirky great place.

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