BY Devz

Jun 2020


I loved this place even before I got there. Some of my closest friends are from South Africa and we just vibe, and thats what happened even from the plane. A nice couple invited me and my mate to come spend some time with them for dinner and an introduction to their lovely country... I WAS DOWN. Ok, lets get to it. I always believe if your budget will determine the type of trip you're going to have and SA is not expensive but it is not cheap. Things are reasonably priced. I found that the people were friendly and had no issues at anytime. Because of my mates I am somewhat familiar with the food which means you cannot go to SA and not try Biltong and droewors or even try to go to a Brii which is their bbq. Overall, its my top 3 places to visit. Having someone who lives there will speedup the process of knowing where the gems are or a quick google search or you could just ask the locals. People say its a very dangerous city which I can see why but like anywhere in the world, don't do nothing silly in foreign territory and you should be just fine. People I met on the day have invited me to spots and when we went it was nothing but fun times. I think Joberg in itself has so much to offer. Rich culture and proud people.

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BY Charlie Brown

Jan 2020

Maboneng (The Shoreditch of Johannesburg)

This was phase one of the trip. I think Joburg is suppose to be a dangerous place. Had no issues. 4 of us in a penthouse - CHEAP! Rented out a car as well. Was ideal. You get the occasional looks, but I'm 6'4 and was with 3 other guys so maybe that helped. The food in Maboneng was great. If you are european and boujee, don't let the external put you off. Super clean on the inside and delicious WORZ! It a place that you need to be smart in. So much culture, if you're interested in African history and the African struggle make sure you do all the traditional tourist things, might get a little emotional... angry.

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