BY Nix

Feb 2020

Bustling Nairobi

If birth orders could be applied to cities, Nairobi would definitely be the last born. It is loud, creative, messy, rebellious, challenging to grasp, harder to forget and ever-changing. The city has succeeded in converging travellers, ex-pats and the growing Kenya middle class to create a town that's accommodating, elusive, exhausting and exciting. Here is a checklist If/when you find yourself en-route to Kenya. Are you looking for magnificent Safaris, adventure parks and nature; Check. Are you a foodie and looking for a varied and creative take on East African cuisines; Check. Interested in the underground creative culture; Check. Boujee restaurants, hotels and spas; Check. Insane traffic is more you thing; Check. 10 pm-8 am club nights Tuesday- Sunday; Check. Looking for calm and quiet spots within the bustling city boundaries; Check. Uber works, but download the local taxi app. It's cheaper. All cards accepted. Relatively safe but do keep your stuff close, don't get too comfortable with having your valuables on full display. Yes English is widely spoken. No, you don't need to learn Swahili( Should really be called Swaghili), but knowing some words is always a good look. Yes You'll be ripped off at the markets but consider it a tourist levy. Stay in/ around Kilimani, Lavington, Westlands, kileleshwa. Eat at: Talisman- (Beautiful venue, great food, lovely staff, has a private garden), Mr Yao( Great Chinese food), Arte cafe( for the coffee, juices and no-fuss food), Nyamama Westlands ( Wednesday is music and Sunday is one of THE Best brunch spots), Asmara (one of the best Eritrean restaurant) About Thyme( beautiful setting, All ex-pats), the village market, The Arbor Place( For plant lovers, little oasis in the busy city, GREAT happy hour and a little spa spot).

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