BY Charlie Brown

Feb 2020

Beautiful place, Beautiful beach, very quiet/calm

Difficult place to travel to so flew to Rome and drove about 2-3 hours across Italy. Picked up the car from the airport and returned it there also. (Beautiful landscape.. absolutely beautiful). Mostly motorway but the roads a great and the mountains are spectacular. The closer you get to Roseto Degli Abruzzi the there were a couple steep narrow roads so be careful and confident! I was the only black in the village lol but it wasn't a problem. A couple stares when I walked into the restaurants but that's normal in any village anywhere I guess. And I'm 6'4 and pretty big ha! They make local wine, should definitely try that. Went to a restaurant and they treated me really really well. Food was delicious! Anything that was made locally.. TRY IT! You won't regret it The average pizza and pasta places were great! Compared to the UK anyway I was there for a youth boxing tournament, watching not participating but everyone assumed I was a basketball player travelling through. Great weather. And Beach was lovely