BY ruta

Dec 2020

Not normally into city trips but Shanghai did not disappoint!!!

After a few days in a city I often find I want to escape to the nearest beach or island as soon as possible. But when I visited friends in Shanghai in 2012 it was different, so much that I was seriously considering moving there. The energy is electric, the people super friendly, endless restaurants, bars and shopping (that doesn’t break the bank). Every where feels really accessible because of great transport links: motor taxis, taxis, underground etc making the whole getting around in a foreign city really easy and stress free. My top 5 picks; 1. Favourite restaurants: Lost Heaven on the Bund delicious food and evening dining atmosphere and Barborossa Restaurant and Lounge especially in the day as it was surrounded by such a beautiful garden setting. 2. The JZ club on a Wednesday did an amazing live jazz/ funk night, free drinks for ladies until 12pm, super lively, lot's of dancing and fun vibes only! 3. The view of the Shangahi pudong skyline at night is the best I’ve ever seen. For the best views we'd go to Bar Rouge or Three on the Bund nightclubs. 4. Massage and afternoon tea at the Shanghai Hilton Hongqiao was divine and for £20 was insanely under-priced. 5. Yu Gardens to immerse in nature and a get a feel of the ‘old Shanghai' before its modernisation. With its beautiful ancient Chinese architecture and rooftop pagodas set nestled in the bustling city, it's a must for some chill time after a busy week. 6. EXTRA PICK: Shopping on Nanjing West Road you will find everything and anything in one place! Truly a shoppers heaven! All in all I haven’t found a city that beats the Shanghai experience. I had no issues as a black, female, solo traveller. 10 stars for me!