BY ruta

Dec 2020
Review of Bahir Dar


It’s so pleasant walking around Bahir Dar. The roads are wide, clean and lined with palm trees. It feels really lush with lots of well-maintained garden spaces. I found the town had a very laid back and calm paced atmosphere. Getting around is easy, lots of ‘Bajaj’s’ (tuk-tuks) can get you pretty much anywhere and for a reasonable price. I was visiting family but there are few main reasons to visit Bahir Dar. 1. Boat trip on Lake Tana. Although a ‘lake’ it is absolutely massive! Boating from one end to the other can take a few hours. There are a number of islands on the lake home to century old Christian monasteries guarded by monks. We visited a few and it is like going back in time, so much feels preserved, beautiful muriels depicting Christian stories like nothing seen anywhere else in the world. The islands are tranquil and so peaceful. The local children sit on the lake edge making and selling their miniature bamboo boats, which you can spot still being used by locals to fish on the lake and if you’re lucky you’ll also spot herds of hippos peepig through the water. 2. The Blue Nile falls. Getting here requires about a 2-hour hike. We didn’t get to do this as it was apparently a bit dry and disappointing the time of year we were visiting. So best to check when is best to go for the most spectacular views as seen in the brochures. Lots of scenic spots, especially from the more upmarket hotels like Kuruftu hotel and Spa, good place to get food if you fancy a more varied menu. Bahir Dar has lots of really delicious juice bars, mango avocado daily!


BY Devz

Feb 2020
Review of Addis Ababa

The land of many lakes.

Ethiopia has a special place in my heart and just feels right. I have visited this East African country twice, at least 4 weeks each time. Before visiting Ethiopia please remember to check review any visa requirements. If you're going to have a YOLO moment you can also acquire a visa on arrival for $50. The city of Addis Abba is booming with development and new infrastructure. Everyone is on the move so its quite busy and love that. You can rent a car a drive for the 2 months with a foreign licence but its not for the faint hearted. This is a place I wish the news would just get it right and give them their props. There are so many gems in this country its hard to decide where to start. Firstly, the culture is rich, if you go you must visit the Fendika Cultural Centre. Live music, poetry, gallery and performances. This is a must, you will not regret it. If you are an expat or just travelling, you'll meet everyone there but go early because people pile in. Venturing out a little there are several resorts and newly built waterpark. The food is great but coming with our western bellies boi, be prepared lol. I'm a foodie so ill eat almost anything regardless. I ate a lot of meat which was served raw, yes I said it "RAW" with something like a roti called Injera which should be dipped in some sauces. my go to. Concluding, I love Ethiopia. The people are chilled but at the same time always in a rush. after a few days I was driving screaming and beeping my horn like ive lived there all my life. If you've never been, its a definite must.

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